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Plant Pests Poster

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    Size: 70 x 100 cm
    Paper: 170 g, plastic-coated art paper
    The Plant Pests Poster is a large and unique poster with 55 of the most common pests on plants.
    The poster contains information about the average size and name of the pest. Each name is written in different languages, including English, German and more*.
    You can use the poster to compare and recognize the pests found on plants in your garden. Or buy it as a gift for a garden owner. The poster will look great, e.g. in a cottage or in the school’s biology room.
    All plant pests are drawn in detail and in lifelike colors by the Danish illustrator Erik Leenders.
    This poster measures 70 x 100 cm and is printed on plastic-coated art paper (170 g) which gives the poster a nice glossy look and a long life.
    The poster is available with or without metal stiffeners in the top + bottom and hanger.
    - Choose WITH if you want to put the poster directly on your wall.
    - Choose WITHOUT if you want to put the poster in a frame.
    All posters are sent well protected in a tube.
    *Names written in: LAT / D / DK / E / F / GB / I / N / S / SF

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