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About us

Scandposters is a part of the Danish company Linaa A/S, located in Silkeborg. We design, produce and distribute nature posters, a selection of lithographs and various fish books.

We have existed since 1955. Originally the company was called Scandinavian Fishing Yearbook. Our first product was a yearbook with Scandinavian fish companies. After some years we developed the first two posters; saltwater fish and freshwater fish. The interest in these two posters was huge. Companies worldwide asked for more specific posters, and we extended continuously our range. The idea of imprinting own logo emerged.

As the interest in our posters were bigger, grew our library with illustrations. All our artwork is hand-drawn and colored by Danish artists. The illustrations are very detailed and appear lifelike – they are known worldwide for use in e.g. books and marketing materials.

Over the years, we have updated and expanded our range, so it now consists of more than 40 different nature posters and 1200 illustrations. Since the range no longer only contains products derived from fish/fishery, in 2014 we changed the company’s name to Scandposters.

We are continually expanding our range. If you have an idea for a specific poster or other product that could fit into our assortment, please let us know.

You can contact us on tel. +45 4656 4444 or