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Birds of the Garden Poster

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    Size: 70 x 100 cm
    Paper: 170 g, plastic-coated art paper
    The Birds of the Garden Poster is a large poster that illustrates 40 of the most common birds found in European and North American gardens. You can e.g. see a blackbird, a robin and a silk tail.
    The birds are depicted detailed and in realistic colors, so you can easily compare and identify the birds you observed in your garden. In some cases both male and female versions are depicted.

    The bird’s names are written in several languages: English, French, German, Spanish and more*.
    The illustrations are hand drawn and colored by the Danish artist and illustrator bird painter Carl Christian Tofte.
    The 70 x 100 cm big poster is printed on 170 g plastic-coated art paper to give it a nice glossy finish and a long life.
    The Birds of the Garden Poster is available with or without metal stiffeners in the top + bottom and hanger.
    - Choose WITH if you want to put the poster directly on your wall.
    - Choose WITHOUT if you want to put the poster in a frame.
    All posters are sent well protected in a tube.
    *Names written in: LAT / D / DK / E / F / FIN / GB / I / IS / N / NL / P / RUS / S

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